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Scraps to Riches
An innovative solution to the food waste problem.
Millions of pounds of food are sent to the landfill each year. 
We are here to change the story and close the loop.

Feeds the landfill
    Food makes up 21% of US landfill content. This never ending stream of compostable materials overcrowds our landfills.

Heats our Planet
   The green hoouse gas emissions from wasted food equal that of 37 million cars. 

Wastes our resources
   Growing and distributing food uses a vast amount of resources. Wasted food squanders the 19% of cropland used and 21% of water utilized to grow the crops.

Food waste is expensive, costing $218 billion per year!
Reduce Waste
  By composting, the average person can keep 230 lbs of food scraps out of the local landfill each year!

Curb Emissions
  Reducing food scraps in our landfills means reducing climate changing gas emissions, such as CO2 and methane.

Replenish the Soil
  Composted food scraps create a rich diet of microbes and nutrients for the soil, reducing the need for  chemical fertilizers. Kind of like a probiotic for dirt.

Healthy soils grows healthy food and plants.

The Problem
The Solution
Americans waste 40% of the food we buy. 

Imagine purchasing 5 bags of groceries and throwing 2 away before you leave the parking lot.

We need to change this inefficient system.
Food scraps are a valuable resource.

We can create a rich soil amendent called compost by rescuing these scraps.

Together, we can close the loop!

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